The Steps to Take Before You Consider Asbestos Removal in Sunshine Coast

Do you suspect that there may be asbestos in your home or business? It is an unfortunate but real possibility. Up until 2004, an extensive range of items incorporating some asbestos fibre regularly entered Australia via imports. After 2004, the law changed to ban this hazardous material entirely. However, the implementation of that ban did not mean that all asbestos-containing items or structures suddenly disappeared. Therefore, many individuals and businesses find that they often require assistance with asbestos removal in Sunshine Coast. However, before you call for a removal team, you should carefully consider your next steps.

Are you really dealing with asbestos? Without laboratory testing, there is no way to know for sure. As a result, you might pay for expensive removal and mitigation services only to discover that the questionable material was harmless. At the same time, additional problems could arise during removal, incurring extra fees among new hazards.

The appearance of asbestos can create a sense of stress due to the many steps you must take afterward. There are several steps to take, including a thorough inspection to ensure that you can effectively render the location safe again. By following the right path, you can regain your confidence and peace of mind. How?

Ensure you can undertake effective asbestos removal in Sunshine Coast

First, when you suspect you’re dealing with asbestos, never allow yourself to come into contact with it — whether it is insulation within your walls or another item. AHI Pty Ltd can step in quickly to undertake testing and conduct an assessment of the risk to your safety. Through a fast turnaround time at the lab, property owners can quickly learn what type of asbestos is on their property and where it is.

Next, an inspection generates a thorough list, with pictures, of all the problematic locations and items on the property. This report is invaluable when contacting another company to request asbestos removal in Sunshine Coast. Armed with this information, they can formulate an effective and permanent solution to the problem.

Finally, an inspection helps ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Due to its hazardous nature, many regulations govern the response to and removal of asbestos found in a building. AHI Pty Ltd knows, understands, and regularly works within these laws. As a result, our clients know they’re taking the proper steps.

Book an inspection for safety through AHI Pty Ltd

The most effective way to approach asbestos removal on your Sunshine Coast property is with knowledge. Though it is a dangerous material with a complex history, careful and meticulous procedures can make mitigation a less arduous task with fewer surprises. AHI Pty Ltd and its network of inspectors can leverage a wealth of experience in this arena for your benefit. Through on-site inspections and detailed reporting, you will have all the data necessary to make informed decisions about how to proceed. For booking requests and more information, please contact us on 1300 141 662. We look forward to assisting you in this matter.