Get a Thorough Inspection Before Ordering Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

For many decades, Australia was one of the world’s largest users of asbestos, importing and mining many millions of tonnes. While it has thousands of uses, asbestos most commonly appears in Australian homes inside everything from gutters to poured concrete formwork. This was true up until the mid-2000s when the government banned its use nationwide. Despite its versatility, we now know that asbestos in any form is toxic and highly carcinogenic to the human body. Removing it from our environment and creating safer places to live should be a high priority. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell when asbestos is present in a home.

Removal processes are highly complex and feature many important safety precautions to prevent unnecessary asbestos exposure. Before embarking on such a costly journey, shouldn’t you know exactly what you need to target and where to look? At AHI Pty Ltd, we provide clients with attentive inspections and cutting edge laboratory-based testing for asbestos identification. This valuable service can aid in confirming the presence of asbestos and uncover new sources of which you were unaware. While it sounds simple in theory, why is this service so important? Consider the reasons to conduct an inspection before ordering asbestos removal in Brisbane.

Why inspect before conducting asbestos removal in Brisbane?

The vast number of items potentially containing asbestos is reason enough to seek out an inspection. Identifying all the items in and around the property which pose a hazard should always be your first step. Otherwise, there is a chance the removal team you choose could miss important areas that will need further attention later — or even require immediate removal at additional cost. At AHI Pty Ltd, a core part of every inspection we conduct is a highly detailed report with photographic evidence of the offending items. This makes targeting removal much easier.

Inspections also play an important role in determining when a material, such as insulation, contains asbestos fibres. We take samples from your property and forward them to a lab, where they undergo rapid testing. We can then return to you with the results. No one wants to request asbestos removal in Brisbane for an item that turns out to be harmless. With our help, property owners can avoid this frustrating situation.

Contact AHI Pty Ltd today for a thorough inspection

Armed with the information provided by our veteran inspectors, you can more confidently move forward with your plans to seek out aid for asbestos removal in Brisbane. Ask about the ability to conduct risk assessments while on-site to help determine what threat, if any, exists at your location. We also provide re-inspection services for clients who wish to verify that others have properly removed all the asbestos from your building. With its history of widespread use, vigilance in understanding where asbestos lurks in the home is key. To book an inspection at your location, please contact us on 1300 141 662 for friendly and prompt assistance.