Call AHI for Thorough Asbestos Inspection in Maryborough

Maryborough is a beautiful area, with a number of historical sites and heritage houses. The problem with old buildings, however, is that many of them contain asbestos. The detrimental side-effects of long term exposure to asbestos are well documented, and must always be avoided. Breathing in asbestos over a period of years can increase the risk of cancer, and cause certain scarring of the lungs called asbestosis. This isn’t just an issue with old buildings, though—the problem can affect buildings in Australia constructed as recently as 2004. This means that when you’re moving into the neighbourhood, you might want to hire someone for asbestos inspection in Maryborough. Asbestos inspection for Maryborough buildings is a critical part of ensuring that they’re safe to inhabit or work in for long periods of time.

During our inspection, the site in question and all relevant surrounding areas are thoroughly checked to ascertain the presence of asbestos in various items. Because asbestos is present in thousands of Australian goods and was imported until relatively recently, it’s important that you hire a qualified and experienced asbestos investigator to handle the job. That’s where AHI Asbestos Consultants comes in.

AHI was established in 2010, and delivers dedicated asbestos consultancy services to residential and commercial clients alike. We can easily help make sure that your new building meets the correct legislative requirements, and that the space is safe. When you want to cover your bases regarding asbestos, there’s no better service to call. Contact AHI today for your asbestos inspection in Maryborough.