Industrial Asbestos Testing

AHI Asbestos Consultants offers services for all asbestos-related identification, management and testing, to Brisbane and South East Queensland industrial enterprises.

All industrial businesses and property owners must follow strict government guidelines when a product that may contain asbestos is found on-site.  Click on the following link for a copy of the current legislation and codes of practice:

Between the 1920s to the 1980s, Australia was one of the most significant users of asbestos in the world. The affordable, robust, weatherproof and fire retardant nature of asbestos made it a popular building material, especially in commercial and industrial enterprises.

Asbestos was phased out in the 1980s and was banned from importation, sale, storage and use Australia wide in 2003 due to significant health risks including:

Australia has some of the highest recorded occurrences of mesothelioma and asbestosis in the world due to its heavy use in industrial enterprise. There is still no cure for these diseases.

The only way to positively identify asbestos contamination is to have samples tested in a NATA accredited laboratory.

Industrial Asbestos Testing Brisbane

The expert staff here at AHI Asbestos Consultants offers comprehensive asbestos identification and testing services for commercial and industrial enterprises. We utilise only NATA accredited facilities and produce results with fast turnarounds.

Failure to follow these strict guidelines can result in hefty fines for businesses and individuals who fail to comply with the stringent specifications. Click on the following link for a copy of the current legislation and codes of practice: 

Under Queensland law, all industrial asbestos materials must be identified and documented within a register and management plan which must be available on site and kept up-to-date.  

For a full rundown on the laws and compliances pertaining to industrial asbestos in Queensland, head to or speak to our expert asbestos technicians today.

Asbestos Awareness

If you control and manage a site that has had asbestos identified, you have a legal responsibility to minimise all exposure to occupants on-site.  A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure asbestos at the workplace is identified, the location of asbestos is clearly indicated and recorded in a register and have a written asbestos management plan if asbestos has been identified.

Some of the steps you are obliged to take under federal and state laws and guidelines include things like:

  • Completing an asbestos register
  • Developing and implementing an asbestos management plan
  • Maintaining all asbestos on-site
  • Conduct training and provide information to all occupants, workers and contractors
  • Update all information as the process unfolds etc

The experienced asbestos professionals here at AHI Asbestos Consultants are fully trained and certified in all aspects of asbestos identification and reporting. They can guide industrial managers and professionals through all steps required to comply with government compliances.

Other asbestos services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Asbestos inspection
  • Asbestos reports
  • Management planning
  • Sample collection and analysis
  • Asbestos consultation

We are passionate about playing our part in creating an asbestos-free Australia, making a safer environment for industrial workers and future generations.

For a comprehensive rundown on Australian asbestos laws and our wide range of services, contact our experienced staff to arrange a consultation.

Do you require services for industrial asbestos testing, Brisbane and Queensland's South East? Call the trusted asbestos professionals here at AHI Asbestos Consultants today.

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