Three Reasons to Choose AHI Pty Ltd for Asbestos Testing and Inspections in Noosa Heads

Today, the dangers of asbestos are well known throughout the world. With tens of thousands of individuals afflicted by asbestos-caused mesothelioma, governments worldwide have taken swift action to remove these dangerous materials from as many industrial and civilian uses as possible. However, a great deal of asbestos was mined and put into use throughout Australia over the course of the 20th century and even into the new millennium. As a result, the only way to be completely certain that your home is completely free of asbestos is to hire a licensed and qualified asbestos testing firm in Noosa Heads.

The service that will bring you the best value and the most comprehensive testing and inspections is Asbestos Home Inspections. We have built up a business founded on experience but dedicated solely to customer satisfaction. We understand the dangers and hazards of asbestos, and we will do everything possible to determine whether or not you will need to take steps to remedy any issues in your home. When you worry about what might be lurking inside your home, there are three key reasons you should make AHI Pty Ltd your very first call.

Trustworthy, comprehensive asbestos inspections in Noosa Heads

  • We know everywhere to look and everything to examine to ensure we carry out absolutely thorough asbestos inspections in your Noosa Heads home. We put our knowledge and experience to work rooting out any possible dangerous material in your home, inside and out. Whether we are climbing into the attic to inspect your roofing or squeezing into the crawlspace underneath it, we do whatever it takes to find asbestos contamination in your home.
  • We put our customers at the centre of our business. From our on-site practices to our extensive support available after asbestos inspections in Noosa Heads, you won’t be left in the dark or confused about what we uncover. The customer is always first and foremost because you’re the one who must live in the home!
  • We are thorough on every job and always working to improve our practices. With state-of-the-art sampling and asbestos testing procedures, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge in our industry. You can be confident when choosing AHI Pty Ltd that you are getting the best service available.

Take every precaution; call us to schedule a visit today

When you want to enlist only the most detail oriented asbestos inspection firm, AHI Pty Ltd is the choice to make. Don’t wait until you uncover asbestos in your home by accident to bring in the professionals. By taking these extra steps sooner rather than later, you can pursue proper abatement solutions and not simply emergency stopgaps. AHI will identify the asbestos in your home, if any is present, and compile a comprehensive report we’re sure you’ll find useful. We are also happy to test any samples you have taken yourself — see our DIY guide here on our website for more information on how to do that. To book, use our online form or call now on 1300 141 662.