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Two truths shape the renovation process: it’s always more costly than expected, and it’s always certain to reveal structural issues. Among the most common of these issues is the presence of asbestos. Residential, commercial, and industrial sites often suffer from this dangerous silicate, and an asbestos register in Ipswich is crucial to tracking the process of both its identification and removal.

An asbestos register in Ipswich, simply explained, is a detailed report about an individual site’s contamination levels. It notes locations, toxicities, and more. It also utilises photographic evidence to ensure a thorough clearance process.

Need a register for your renovation projection? Asbestos Home Inspections delivers comprehensive services, connecting our clients to:

  • Full Property Inspections.
  • Detailed Reports (featuring structural contaminations, inventory contaminations, and more).
  • Completed Register.
  • Digital Site Photographs.
  • … and more.

This enables each customer to receive the service they deserve, with our qualified team noting all possible hazards. This streamlines the removal process and adheres to all Work and Health Safety Act conditions (this is a series of laws established in 2011 to protect the public from asbestos).

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