After You Move into an Older Maroochydore Home, Seek Out Thorough Asbestos Testing and Inspections

Moving into a home that has the character and “personality” you want after you spent so long searching for it is always an exciting time. Your new home may even exactly fit the bill when it comes to being the kind of place in which you’d like to raise a family. However, most of the homes that have the kind of charm people are looking for tend to be buildings featuring older construction. These older homes are more likely to contain dangerous asbestos, a naturally fireproof material that was often used as a binding agent in thousands of items from home insulation to ceiling tiling. Unfortunately, it was not until asbestos was in use for decades before its potentially devastating health effects, like cancer, were uncovered. Because industrial and construction use of this material continued until very recently, it is a good idea to seek out qualified asbestos inspections in Maroochydore as part of your move-in routine.

Normal home inspectors simply aren’t frequently trained in how to recognise and detect this material. While they will uncover structural issues, finding asbestos is often more challenging. For reliable service based on the best practices in the industry, you can always call upon AHI Pty Ltd to assist you in determining the safety of your new home.

What we do when we undertake asbestos inspections in Maroochydore

  1. First, we arrive at your property and perform a full site inspection with a focus on areas that have the highest potential for asbestos, such as all roofing areas, underneath the home (if accessible), in addition to the inside and outdoors around the home.
  2. Next, we collect samples of possible contamination zones and send them to a lab for professional asbestos testing.
  3. Then, while we are undertaking inspections of your home, we will do a complete safety and asbestos risk assessment of your home.
  4. Once we finish, we will compile all of our findings into a complete report full of details and our data.
  5. Afterwards, AHI Pty Ltd offers extensive post-inspection counselling and support in order to help you fully understand our report and any of the next steps you need to take.

With our focus on customer satisfaction and keeping Australians safe from this hazard, you will find our asbestos testing in Maroochydore to be highly reliable, convenient, and an excellent resource to have on your side.

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Once you’ve moved into your new home, don’t neglect the importance of asbestos testing in Maroochydore. Make it a priority! If possible, you may even want to consider bringing Asbestos Home Inspectors to the property before you close the deal; let us test for what general home inspectors are most likely to miss. With everything AHI Pty Ltd brings to the table, you can hire our crew with confidence in excellent results. We’re always willing to work closely with our clients! To learn more about the services we offer and how to book an inspection with us, please call on 1300 141 662 today.