Trust the Professionals at Asbestos Home Inspections for Testing in Marcoola

With the advent of increased nationwide education about the dangers of asbestos in Australia, many individuals are asking themselves “Is there asbestos in my home?” Instead of worrying about whether your health is being negatively affected over the long term by this once-common construction material, why not remove all doubt and hire professionals to undertake asbestos testing at your Marcoola location? Knowing where any asbestos is in your home is half the battle in eradicating it from our lives and protecting our health from its dangerous effects.

It’s important to hire an inspections company that has the experience necessary to uncover every possible type of asbestos in your home. With its presence in more than 3,000 different items, there are simply too many possibilities the untrained eye may miss. That’s where we come in at AHI Pty Ltd. We put our crew’s years of experience to work as they go over every part of your home inspecting and taking samples for lab testing. What will our team be looking for as they conduct asbestos inspections on your Marcoola building? Based on the different possible applications for various kinds of asbestos, we will determine the best course of action for your home.

Not All Asbestos Is the Same

You know that asbestos is bad, but did you know that it comes in more than one form? While all are equally dangerous, it is important to avoid ruling out the presence of asbestos in your home due to the many different situations in which it was used in Australian construction. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the different types, and consider whether it’s possible they may be in your home.

Amosite, or brown asbestos, is one of the most flame-resistant types of asbestos and is therefore frequently found in old types of thermally insulating materials, including ceiling tiles. Very old homes are more likely to feature insulation containing amosite.

Crocidolite, also known as blue asbestos, is less common than the other types due to its different properties. It is most commonly found in cement products. If your home was built prior to 2004 by Queensland’s government, your home might contain this type of material.

Chrysotile, or white asbestos, is the most common type and is even still used in some construction in poorer countries around the world for its insulating properties. Again, as with the other types, many Australian homes may feature items made with chrysotile. This is why proper asbestos inspections in Marcoola are so important.

Obtaining asbestos testing in Marcoola just makes good sense

With the wide range of applications that these different types of asbestos were used for across many thousands of homes in Australia, it is difficult if not impossible to know whether or not any is in your home without professional asbestos inspections. Marcoola homeowners and businesses can trust Asbestos Home Inspections to be thorough and precise in its efforts to uncover any dangers present in your building. If you have questions about asbestos and how we search for it, please call one of our agents on 1300 141 662. Or, if you are ready to book, please visit our online form and submit your information.