Thinking About Renovating in Camp Hill? Secure Reliable Asbestos Inspections and Testing First

No matter what kind of home you live in or are planning on moving into, everyone expects to deal with some issues here and there over the course of your time living there. Paint will fade and crack and require reapplication; appliances will grow old and need updating; and eventually, you may even decide you no longer like the current layout of the building. Making the decision to begin renovating is a big one, but before you start tearing down drywall and pulling down the ceiling, take a step back. Have you considered the possibility that there might be asbestos in your home? The importation and use of asbestos-containing materials were not banned in Australia until 2004, and many older homes feature this dangerous substance in everything from paint to insulation.

Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause severe health issues. If you suspect there’s a possibility of asbestos lurking in your home, seek out reliable asbestos inspections in Camp Hill right away. Calling upon Asbestos Home Inspectors, Queensland’s most trusted inspection firm qualified to check and test for asbestos, will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. We will assess your home, take samples, and go to great lengths to ensure you are living in a safe environment.

Don’t neglect the necessity of asbestos testing in Camp Hill

Finding time in your busy schedule to book asbestos testing for your Camp Hill home can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort it takes. Australia exhibited some of the highest asbestos usage in the world before its use was banned; according to the government, nearly a third of the homes in our nation were built with some kind of asbestos usage. Unless you are living in a home of extremely recent construction, safe practices demand comprehensive inspections to order to guarantee the safety of you, your loved ones, and even your pets.

Anything from carpeting and tile underlays to your gutters and shed possibly contain asbestos. Because it is not as simple as “looking and seeing” to detect this material, it is important to rely on lab testing. Asbestos Home Inspections is thorough in checking all the nooks and crannies throughout your house to find any places where this material was used, so that you can make arrangements for abatement immediately.

AHI Pty Ltd works with you throughout the entire process

Don’t start tearing into your drywall before you know what’s behind it! With the dangers asbestos represents to your health and wellness, no kitchen remodel is worth the risk of exposure. Get in touch with AHI Pty Ltd when you absolutely need to know whether or not your home was built with asbestos products. Our asbestos sample testing in Camp Hill is state of the art, so we can target specific areas of your home as well as the whole structure. We even follow up with you for advice and support after we’re through. Use our convenient online form to book an appointment with us now, or call a representative on 1300 141 662.