Four Reasons to Schedule Asbestos Inspection and Testing of Your Morayfield Property

You probably already know that asbestos is a carcinogenic agent and that it can lead to respiratory illnesses. But you may also assume that asbestos is a problem of the past, rather than something that modern business owners, homeowners and real estate investors need to worry about. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect.

If you read about the history of asbestos use in Australia, you will probably find that most construction companies stopped using asbestos in their projects at the end of the 1980s. However, asbestos and the health problems it causes both continue to be pressing areas of concern in Australia. Here are four reasons why you should still schedule an asbestos inspection in Morayfield.

Why Asbestos Testing in is a Must

  • Asbestos use didn’t actually stop in 1989: While asbestos was ‘phased out’ of most Australian construction applications in 1989, not everyone stopped using it. In fact, asbestos was still being used in certain building components until it was (finally) banned outright in December 2003. As a result, your home or office space could have been built in the past 15 years and still contain asbestos.
    1. Asbestos use in Australia was abnormally high: According to Australia’s Mesothelioma Centre, the country’s usage of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials was abnormally high during peak use years. Indeed, the centre cites expert reports indicating that, from the 1950s to the 1970s, Australia had ‘the highest per capita rate of asbestos use in the world.’
    2. Mesothelioma is a nationwide problem: Mesothelioma, the rare type of cancer almost always caused by asbestos exposure, is a bigger problem in Australia than almost any other country in the world. Indeed, the Mesothelioma Centre states that Australia is second only to the United Kingdom in terms of global Mesothelioma death rates. The organisation also predicts that 25,000 people will die from the disease in the next four decades. Hiring a company for asbestos testing in Morayfield is the best way to prevent exposure and save you, your family, your employees or your customers from being among that number.
    3. Asbestos is everywhere: The problem with asbestos is that it can be almost anywhere in a home or office building. The substance has been found in drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles, insulation, guttering, concrete, electrical components, glue, putty, caulking and more. An asbestos inspection company in Morayfield will have a vast knowledge of the various items and locations that could include asbestos.

    Schedule Your Asbestos Testing in Morayfield

    The sobering facts and statistics about asbestos use in Australia paint a clear picture: when you purchase or invest in a new property, an asbestos inspection is essential. It doesn’t matter what your intention is for the building: residential living, commercial business use, renovation and demolition are all plans that demand asbestos testing. Invest in health, wellbeing and full-disclosure, by calling AHI Asbestos Consultants for a full building inspection. You can reach us today on 1300 141 662.