Should You Have An Asbestos Inspection In Your Ipswich Home?

With the thousands of household items that contain asbestos and the import of items that contain asbestos up until 2004, the answer to whether or not you should carry out a full asbestos investigation is undoubtedly yes. You should have an asbestos inspection at your Ipswich home. AHI Asbestos Consultants has been providing thorough inspections of residential and commercial properties for five years now and is gaining a reputation for its excellence. The company has a team of home-based inspectors that have served in the asbestos and building industries for many years.

Asbestos is a mineral that is very effective as a binding material. Because of its properties, several thousand items are made using asbestos. It was not until recently that the dangers of asbestos were brought to light. Homeowners, those buying existing homes, and businesses owners with commercial buildings should have their properties tested for the presence of asbestos.

AHI Pty Ltd provides a number of different types of an asbestos inspection in Ipswich and the rest of South East Queensland. Regardless of the type, the inspectors at the company complete a full inspection, which includes checking out the roof cavity, under the building or home if possible, and the all areas on the property. Inspectors also provide a safety risk assessment while completing the inspection. Samples are collected and analysed in a NATA accredited facility as mandated by the Australia government.

Customers continue to choose AHI Pty Ltd because of their high quality workmanship and their outstanding service. To schedule your asbestos inspection in Ipswich, call 1300 141 662 or visit Fill out the online booking form to schedule your asbestos inspection.