Schedule Your Asbestos Inspection In Brisbane Today

Find out for sure if asbestos is present on your residential or commercial property by scheduling a full asbestos inspection in Brisbane today with AHI Pty Ltd. The Logan based company has been providing complete inspections and reports according to Australian law for residents and business owners in Brisbane and South East Queensland for five years. The company is made up of numerous inspectors that have years of experience in the asbestos testing and building industries.

An asbestos inspection in Brisbane from AHI Pty Ltd consists of inspecting the entire property. That would include a home or commercial building, its roof, and the property to its fence. Samples are gathered during the inspection and sent off for examination. According to Australia law, all asbestos samples must be tested in a NATA accredited facility. When you work with AHI Pty Ltd, your samples are tested in such a facility and you are provided with a detailed, comprehensive report. Inspectors also provide a safety risk assessment of the property and AHI Pty Ltd continues to provide after-service support through email and by phone.

AHI Pty Ltd continues to grow into the premier asbestos consultant in South East Queensland because of its commitment to delivering 100 per cent satisfaction to its customers. The company’s inspectors are dedicated to protecting the occupants of the homes and commercial properties they inspect. Call 1300 141 662 and schedule your asbestos inspection in Brisbane today. You can also visit the company’s website,, and fill out the online booking form to schedule an inspection.