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The statistics prove startling. According to Asbestos Wise:

  • During the 1950s, approximately 52% of all New South Wales homes were constructed from asbestos-infused cement.
  • During the 1960s and 70s, approximately 98% of all Victoria homes were constructed from asbestos-infused cement.
  • During the 1960s, approximately 25% of all Australian homes were constructed from asbestos-infused cement.

Many of these structures remain today, which is why an asbestos audit in Logan proves so essential. Asbestos is a rugged material, able to withstand extreme temperatures, acid exposure, and even time itself (the fibres remain sturdy long after they’re applied). Despite its discontinued use in Australia, it still proves common, hiding behind walls and in ceiling lines. All commercial and residential renovators, therefore, should seek an asbestos audit in Logan.

Asbestos Home Inspections (AHI) delivers comprehensive analysis and reporting. Since 2000, our qualified staff – each adhering to the guidelines established by the Work and Safety Act of 2011, the Work and Safety Regulation of 2011, and the Workplace Code Practice of 2011 – carefully examines every structure, searching for possible contaminations. These searches then allow removal teams to work more efficiently, containing the toxins and eliminating health concerns.

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