An Asbestos Audit In Brisbane Carried Out By A Qualifed Inspector

An asbestos audit in Brisbane is performed by a qualified inspector to detect the presence of asbestos. The professionals at AHI Pty Ltd have several years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of the building industry, which helps provide customers with high quality service. Asbestos has been used in the production of thousands of different items, many of which can be found in homes and workplaces.

An asbestos audit in Brisbane performed by AHI Pty Ltd consists of a thorough inspection of all structures and surrounds on a property. Samples are collected in an effort to determine if any asbestos containing items are present on the site. Asbestos has been used for years as a binding material in thousands of different household items. The dangers of asbestos were not known for many years and, once discovered, the import of asbestos containing materials was stopped in 2004. The only sure method to determine whether not the material is present on a property is to have a qualified inspector check it out.

AHI Pty Ltd proudly serves South East Queensland with a network of qualified home-based inspectors. The mission of the company is to serve as area customers’ trusted asbestos consultants. The company is committed to providing customers with value and 100 per cent satisfaction. With an eye on improving their level of service and their customers’ experiences, AHI Pty Ltd continues to develop its outstanding reputation.

For more information about the services provided by the company or to schedule an asbestos audit in Brisbane, call 1300 141 662 or visit online. You can fill out the online booking form for prompt service.